Parenting: You Might Be Doing It Wrong

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Hey, I’m not one to judge others’ parenting techniques — after all, there are plenty of people out there willing to do that for me (and to me) — but sometimes, there are clues that someone’s parental instincts might be just a tad off that day.  Like what?  A few photographic examples:


"Are you SURE this is a good idea?!" cries Kyle.


After consuming all that sugar, Emily *still* hasn't slept. And this picture was taken in 1992.


Why you should *always* make sure you don't run out of coloring books.


Uh-oh. Still looks a little wrinkled. Get back in there!


"Darn! He doesn't fit!" sighs Mom.


Why Dad should *not* be in charge of wardrobe.


"Hey, Madison's about to lose her tongue in the mixer -- grab the camera!"


Well, that's ONE way to make sure your kid has an adverse reaction to drums.


Because any good dad knows you have to leave your hands free for the remote.


Maybe if Satan got a little more love like this, he'd be less grumpy.

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