When Mom Cares Enough to Give You the Very Worst Haircut

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Children across the world dream of becoming an adult… not so they can vote or shoot whiskey, but rather to finally escape Mom’s scissors and see a proper hair stylist.  Yes, getting a misguided haircut from Mom is a rite of passage many kids must endure.  So for all of you young hair victims and moms with the best of intentions but the worst of judgment:  this photo gallery is for you.


Let this be a reminder: Moms shouldn't let other moms drink and cut.


"Maybe if I smile prettily enough, nobody will notice the gaping hole in my bangs."


Pro Mom Tip: If you're going to mess up, do it in the back -- where your child can't see it!


After a particularly bad cut, it helps to turn to friends for comfort.


I'm no body language expert, but I think she's thrilled with her bangs!


You KNOW it's bad when even your brothers refuse to look at you.


Those bangs are really not short enough.


"Yup. Mom cut my hair. Got sumthin' to say 'bout that?"


"I hope they don't expect me to muster up a smile when I'm in hair crisis."


The author of this blog has been a tragic victim of her mom's scissors, as well.

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  • I had to do a double-take on #9. MY CHILDHOOD FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES!

    (although I was fairly lucky that Mom never used the scissors herself on my hair. But the curling equipment…alas!)

  • Miss Skye looks a lot like Mr. Candy but seeing you as a kid I see that she resembles you as well (she has your smile). She’s a good mix of you both.

    P.S. The bangs are’t that bad. The bow totally distracts from it.

  • Oh gosh, this reminded of that time when I was about 7 and my dad brushed my hair with a curling brush and it got tangled up. My mom wasn’t home and after unsuccessfully trying to untangle it for about half an hour he just cut around the brush with the scissors… My hair was hip-length and it looked horrible. I think my mom had a word or two with my dad when she came home LOL

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