“Honey, I Shrunk the Wedding Guests!”

… Starring The Supersized Mullet.  [AFP]

Americal Idol shake-up:  Kara DioGuardi is fired; Ellen bolts; and Jennifer Lopez joins as a judge.  Phew!   I was wondering how J.Lo would make ends meet.  [Deadline]

A mom’s hugs can produce less stressed offspring, even into adulthood.  They can also produce embarrassed offspring if done in front of their friends at high school.  (Not that I’ll ever do that to MY child.  *Ahem*)  [CNN]

The worst fall fashion trends.  When one invokes the style spirit of Barbara Bush, you know it’s bad, indeed.  [Refinery29]

Mothers shouldn’t put babies at risk with home birth, study says.  Well, I know I’m glad I delivered in the hospital because it had my medical essentials:  doctors; drugs; and, most critically, a Starbucks.  [LA Times]

Lilly Pulitzer designer animal crackers.  For the style-conscious toddler tummy that deserves so much more than generic-looking snacks.  [Babble]

Bryce Dallas Howard opens up about postpartum depression and how she “pretended perfection” after her son’s birth.  Yeah, I think we all pretend that at some point or another.  [People]

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