End-of-Week News Deliveries: Babysitters! Parenting Books! Excessive Exclamation Points!

BabysitterBabysitters: How young is too young?   Well, if s/he is sharing pacifiers with your youngster, that’s usually a pretty good indicator.  [lilSugar]

McSteamy’s pregnant wife Rebecca Gayheart goes to yoga.  Gotta stay nimble for that next sextape!  [Baby Scoop]

Pinpointing helpful parenting books.  Now, if only one of them would tell me how to find the TIME to read them. [WSJ]

Tori collapses!  Lamar cheats!  Jon steals!  Tabloids use excessive exclamation points!  [popbytes]

Pre-birth exposure to BPA may lead to more aggressive behavior in little girls.  Researchers studying Courtney Love to see if she is long-term victim of its effects.  [Newsday]

The Boys Are Back: An “authentically moving” parenting film “with pop.”  Also, Clive Owen is hot.  [Sun-Sentinel]

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