Funny Baby Picture: Nightmare at Sears Portrait Studio

“Was that photographer serious when he said I look yummy enough to — *GULP*  — eat?!”

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3 thoughts on “Funny Baby Picture: Nightmare at Sears Portrait Studio

  1. Moonlight Dancer

    His casual arms say, “I am a cool customer”, his face says,”I am so scared I just pooped my pants!”

  2. adrian

    I took some beautiful portrait at sears in 1996.while living in a cute apartment at richmond park. I really love the lace background I asked for the column and ivy. I paid $19.99 at the richmond mall in ohio. I took the pictures on Wednesday november 26, 1996.the pictures came out really nice as I passed out wallets in high school…richmond high school and gave my mother a framed picture the size of a five by seven, on christmas day. That was her christmas present while she was employed at ameritech phone company downtown cleveland ohio. Miss adrian elise blanchard Monday january 16, 2012 2:50 p.m.

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