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Taga Stroller/Bike Combo Converts, Pushes, Rides, Fetches Martinis


Helmet, Schmelmet

Introducing a baby stroller that may be ridden in almost as many positions as Paris Hilton on any given night:  the three-wheeled convertible Taga, described by makers as the ultimate “yummy mummy accessory.”

Well, wearing Ryan Reynolds on my arm may be a tad more yummy, but this is still pretty damn cool.

To help us burn calories and save fuel, the Taga converts into a child-carrying bicycle in just a few seconds.  Although, given my recent struggles in figuring out our new car seat and stroller, I’m guessing it would take a bumbling idiot like me longer than that.

Taga, which is available in red, green, orange or light-blue, is no joke:  it has been developed over the last four years by a team of international designers and safety engineers.  As you can see, kids are carried in forward-facing seats between the handlebars and are secured by a five-point harness, and mothers can apparently ride the contraption in five-mile-high wedges.

Of course, this may all be a moot point considering you’ll have to sell your first-born in order to afford it:  the Taga will set you back a whopping $2,500.  MILF not even included.

With thanks to Laughing Stork reader Rebecca for the heads up

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  • Oh my, I want one of those. There’s even a 2-child option. But you’re right, I wouldn’t need the 2-child (pricier) option b/c I’d have to sell one of the kids in order to buy the “basic” version.

  • This is absolutely brilliant!
    it looks much more safe than taking a kid on a two wheel bicycle. you can also talk to your child on the way!

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