Infographic: Time Spent Using Sippy Cups

What Mom’s Coffee Level Says About Her

A potentially life-or-death guide for kids (and husbands) who attempt to approach Mom in the midst of her first cup of coffee:   After multiple requests, I’ve...

What Are Our Children Learning from “Max & Ruby”?


Cat lying in crib

A Purrfect Place to Sleep

“Sorry, kid, this one’s taken.”— The Cat


Guess the Celebrity Baby Photos: Fourth Edition

Before the Oscar nominations and trips to “sex rehab,” celebrities were just innocent babies in search of their next hit of oatmeal, as we all were once upon a...


Anatomy of a Mom’s Brain While Driving

Finally!  Scientists have been able to identify what, exactly, is on the mind of a mom while she’s behind the wheel…  

How Life on ‘Orange is the New Black’ is Easier than Life as a Mom

My nights used to end with me collapsing into bed after one too many tequila shots.  Now…?  They end with me collapsing into bed after two exhausting bedtime...


Top 10 Ways Babies Resemble Drunk College Students

(Not that I know anything about being a drunk college student.  *Ahem*) 10.  They have no problem passing out in strange places. 9.  Bulk up by indulging in frequent...

Laughing Stork Babies of the Week

Thanks to all of the readers who submitted pictures of their adorable little ones!  (And to the lone man who submitted his photo with the caption...

Weekly Thank-You Notes to My Kids

Setting aside yet another moment to let the kiddos how much I appreciate all that they do for me…