Infographic: Time Spent Using Sippy Cups

What Your Drink Says About You

As they say, you are what you drink.  Or, you know, something like that.

What Mom’s Coffee Level Says About Her

A potentially life-or-death guide for kids (and husbands) who attempt to approach Mom in the midst of her first cup of coffee:  


How NOT to Handle Two Kids Two and Under

According to indisputable, statistically significant research, wherein I quickly thought about some of my friends and readers, an increasing number of people are having...

What Are Our Children Learning from “Max & Ruby”?


Cat lying in crib

A Purrfect Place to Sleep

“Sorry, kid, this one’s taken.”— The Cat


10 Reasons Why Balloons Are the Bane of a Parent’s Existence

Ah, balloons.  So colorful!  So celebratory!  So…much of a pain in my butt.  Here are 10 reasons why I have grown to detest balloons since becoming a parent:...

Top 10 Signs You Are Ready to Have Baby #2

When you’re already juggling one kid—and everything else in life—it can be hard to remember to put on your pants before leaving the house, let alone figure out...


Guess the Celebrity Baby Photos: Fourth Edition

Before the Oscar nominations and trips to “sex rehab,” celebrities were just innocent babies in search of their next hit of oatmeal, as we all were once upon a...


Anatomy of a Mom’s Brain While Driving

Finally!  Scientists have been able to identify what, exactly, is on the mind of a mom while she’s behind the wheel…